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When printed newsletters are well-designed and written for your target audience, they are a very economical, efficient, and effective marketing tool. Printed newsletters can also be used for branding and communication. Often under-used, printed newsletters can be highly effective in keeping your brand top-of-mind.

If you want to be found as an information resource to your clients, if you want to effectively and comprehensively communicate a special, or if you want to announce a new product, printed newsletters are the perfect way to do this. Remember that printed marketing materials are often used as a hands on resource.
Printed newsletters can help you present a professional, successful image for your business. Use newsletters to help complement your other marketing efforts and draw people to your catalog or website. Together all of your marketing efforts can reinforce your brand and message.

By regularly distributing printed newsletters, your business will remain top of mind in your target audience. They also help you build relationships with existing and potential clients.

Consumers will keep a printed newsletter around particularly when it has a new recipe, a calendar of events, coupons or if it can be used as a resource. Used effectively, a newsletter can increase custom satisfaction and your bottom line.

For assistance in professionally printing your newsletter, contact the Blue Hill Press.

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