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With so much emphasis being put on online marketing, businesses should not forget the benefits and effectiveness of their printed marketing materials. Printed marketing materials allow you and your sales team to clearly and concisely communicate your marketing message in one specific place, on specific piece.
What are some of the other benefits?

Printed brochures let your sales team and employees easily distribute your marketing materials. Having sales sheets or brochures specific to each product or service allows you to have important information in one place that is easily accessible.

Printed marketing materials are a very affordable option and they are customizable to the event, the customer or the product. Customizing marketing materials to a specific market makes them highly effective.

Printed marketing materials are also measurable especially in today’s digital world. Add a QR code or a call tracking number to your brochure, catalog or direct mail piece and you can see who has contacted you in response to that piece. This is an excellent way to track the success and ROI of all marketing efforts.

Print is still effective and should not be overlooked as a successful and economical form of branding and marketing your business. Enhance your marketing campaign, contact Blue Hill Press.

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