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Today marketing means something different than it meant years ago. There are all kinds of avenues your business can pursue when marketing including on-line and off-line arenas. No matter what you do, all of your marketing must work together.

But one type of marketing we don’t talk about enough is marketing with print media.

Print media like banners, posters and brochures are appropriate for networking events, presentation opportunities, trade shows and more. Remember with the KISS principle when using print media, "keep it simple smart".

Your business flyers and brochures should be branded, but easy to read and the information you give on them needs to be straight to the point. Let  your audience know what’s in it for them and give them the information they need to make a decision on whether to learn more or purchase from you.

When creating brochures and newsletters make an offer, effectively turning it into a voucher. Think short term so peole have to act soon, especially if you have combined it with an offer.

For more information on print media, contact Blue Hill Press.

Excerpts from B2C

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