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If your company manufactures or distributes a myriad of products, then the importance of catalogs and booklets cannot be overlooked as a valuable resource. Booklets that provide product information are an economical and hands on way to market all of your products to your customers and to potential customers. Short form catalogs and booklets, when done right almost always stay in front of your customers. The point of catalogs is to have information at your fingertips.
By creating a catalog or booklet with excellent graphics and pertinent information, which are easy to use, ensures that the catalog stays in front of the consumer or potential customer longer. Translation: they will keep it longer, use it more, and purchase from it. Printed booklets and catalogs should be a resource for your customers and sales tool for your company.

While many companies are using the internet and the phone as a way their customers can place orders, every catalog should include an order form and calls to action in order to be an effective tool for marketing and sales.

When you work closely with a printer on your company catalog during the design and layout process, your short form catalog will be professional and you can be sure that it will turn out the way you want it. Printing a catalog or booklet is a big undertaking and a big expense. It will also become one of your most important and dependable sales tools. Be sure to work with a professional printer who is experienced in catalog printing.

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